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As a former solicitor and head of a successful law firm, Bridge Help’s CEO Chris Sellars knows only too well how important it is to have the right legal team onboard when it comes to bridging finance. That’s why we partner with Mason Thomas Law.

With a forward-thinking mindset that is always seeking to add value and a commitment to providing the best service for their clients without delay, Mason Thomas Law is the legal partner of choice for Bridge Help.

Mason Thomas Law was established by a frustrated solicitor – Cathy Thomas. Having worked in large city centre legal practices in prior to establishing Mason Thomas Law, Cathy saw first-hand how poor internal communication could cause client frustration and result, in some cases, in a failed purchase.

Identifying a gap in the market, Cathy has brought together a hand-picked team of legal professionals, all committed to open lines of communication, teamwork and a shared ethos of getting the job done.

Mason Thomas Law shares Bridge Help’s commitment to getting things done quickly and efficiently.

“From the outset I wanted to create a commercial law firm that was different from everyone I’d worked for in the past. I take immense pride in the fact we’re different from traditional law firms. We’re a team with agility, thoroughness and communication at our core. Every member of the team is hands-on and knows what is going on with every deal. That’s the difference with Mason Thomas Law.” Cathy Thomas, Director and Solicitor, Mason Thomas Law

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