Feb 2, 2021 | Bridge News, General News

Bridge Help has launched a new co-funding division offering returns of up to 12% and quarterly interest payments to people looking for an alternative to stocks and shares.

Bridge Help Ventures offers people the opportunity to fund alongside Bridge Help in short-term commercial bridging loans and make attractive returns in a low-risk environment.

Funded by private individuals, Bridge Help has seen a surge in loan applications since the start of the pandemic as major banks and building societies have struggled to react quickly in the fast-moving commercial property market. Bridge Help, however, has been able to turn around loan applications, utilising video conferencing software, in as little as seven days.

The response rate of Bridge Help, which has been praised by brokers and lenders, coupled with global stock market uncertainty and the low interest rates on savings, has created the perfect platform to launch Bridge Help Ventures.

The platform showcases a range of opportunities, including industrial, Buy-to-Let, leisure, offices and retail property, which are open to prospective co-funders. Bridge Help does not offer investment advice, just solid opportunities for those who wish to take them up.

Chris Sellars Bridge Help

Chris Sellars, Chief Executive of Bridge Help

Chief Executive of Bridge Help Chris Sellars explained: “In a fast-moving market, Bridge Help has offered commercial property investors the chance to act decisively. This has led to an increase in applications which we are now in a position to share, via Bridge Help Ventures, with individuals who wish to make significantly increased returns compared to high lenders.”

Bridge Help Ventures brings private funders alongside Bridge Help to fund a short-term loan, ensuring all interests are aligned and the risk shared. All loans are also backed by Legal Charge over property as well as being guaranteed, in to give co-funders further peace of mind.

Chris added: “What we have seen in the pandemic is that there are people with money who want to do more with it than simply have it stagnate in a bank account. By the same token, they don’t want to take unnecessary risks and incur the expense and worry that goes hand in hand with the stock market and investment property.

“Bridge Help Ventures is an attractive alternative for savers and investors. We would not ask anyone to put money into something we would not ourselves. Additionally, co-funders do not incur upfront or ongoing investment costs compared to owning their own investment property.  Similarly, property is secured against the loan which means, that if the worst happens and the lender defaults on the loan, we can take ownership of the property to recover monies.”

Despite the pandemic, last year saw Bridge Help remain on track with its growth ambitions, recruiting three new team members, approving more than £10 million in UK loans and relocating to larger premises in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Chris added: “I am very excited for the future of Bridge Help and look forward to welcoming co-funders onboard through Bridge Help Ventures. The current financial climate has shown a very real need for alternative lenders other than high  banks.”

Discover more about Bridge Help Ventures and current available co-funding opportunities here, or get in touch to register your interest by calling 033 3303 4681.