May 17, 2023 | Bridge News


Bridge Help has taken its environmental credentials to the next level with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art electric motorcycle.

The new Maeving RM1, a British designed and built urban electric motorcycle, was brought to national attention when it took centre stage on an episode of The Apprentice on BBC One. On the show, which was aired in February earlier this year, contestants battled to create a marketing campaign for the bike.

Bridge Help’s Maeving RM1 takes pride of place in the reception of the company’s head office and it’s been branded with the company logo.

The acquisition of the new electric bike is part of Bridge Help’s pledge to be carbon neutral. The company began its journey to becoming carbon neutral in 2021 when it registered with Ecologi, an organisation which helps companies and individuals fund impactful climate solutions, plant trees, analyse carbon footprint, become climate positive, achieve carbon neutrality and much more.

Since registering with Ecologi, Bridge Help has offset the entire carbon footprint of all staff by planting of 1,666 trees which have prevented 120.69 tonnes of carbon dioxide omissions.

The new bike will help the company further decrease its carbon footprint. The British-made zero emissions bike can travel up to 40-miles on a single charge.

Chris Sellars, Bridge Help CEO, explained: “The bike lives in our reception and is a definite talking point when clients visit up. But more so it’s deepening our commitment to being a carbon neutral business which is important to us all.”